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Current rates are as follows:
    Banner ads at the top of one page, 400 X 40 pixels, may be
    animated, but limited to 7k in size:       $100.00 per month.
    Your banner ad at the top of each page of publication:                                                                 $400.00 per month.
There will only be one banner ad at the top of each page for maximum exposure.    So, the space will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.

Design your own banner or we will create one for an additional $25.00 using your logo, images, or combination of both. You give us the specifics and we'll do the rest. (Animated banners excluded.)

Side-bar Advertising:
Pixel size - 120 W X 130 H.  Ad may be animated, but limited to 7k in file size.   Rates for ad on one page only:     $60.00 per month.

Rates for one side-bar ad on each and every page:
    $250.00 per month.

There will be no more than three side-bar ads on each page of the publication.  Side-bars will be on left side of page only. The same selection process as banner ads applies.

Design your own side-bar ad or we will create one for an additional $25.00 using your logo, images, or combination of both. You give us the specifics and we'll do the rest. (Animated ads excluded.)

Bottom of page button ads:
These buttons will all be the same price and will remain for one month consecutive.  Pixel size is 100W X 60H.  No other combinations or discounts will apply.   Rate will be $25.00 per month.  For your button ad to appear on each and every page of the publication the rate will be $50.00 per month.  There will be no more than three button ads per page and their size is limited to 5k in file size.

Button page advertising (a.k.a. display advertising):
We will maintain button advertising listings by category.   The buttons will be 100 X 40 in size and no larger than 5k in file size.   Here's a sample of a button ad:

Log Homes NetZineŽ button

You will also be able to include up to a 20 word description or catch phrase for your company.  The button will be a direct link to your site.
There will be no cost for this type of listing, but if you wish to keep the listing for more than one issue, you must notify us prior to the next issue being published. Otherwise we will delete the listing. This is to ensure that all links are current and active.
You may also include your e-mail address if you wish.   To get your listing on this page, simply send us your logo and description, as well as the URL of your home page and/or your e-mail address.  We'll create the button for you.   Be sure to include your payment and make checks payable to K-S Marketing.   Reach us by e-mail or snail mail at the above listed address.

Text based classifieds will appear on the same page as the button ads. The list will be sorted alphabetically and will be free to anyone who wishes to list there.

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