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Authentic Log Homes: Restored Timbers For Today's Homesteads

By Ferris Robinson
Authentic log Homes coverList Price: $34.95

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Book Description: Authentic Log Homes showcases 27 handcrafted homes built by Walden Log Homes. All of them are made of reclaimed timbers that were hand-hewn over 100 years ago. From open modern floorplans to re-erected exactly as-found, all of these homes look the way a log homes is supposed to look.
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American Log Homes

By Arthur Thiede, Cindy Teipner (Contributor)
American log Homes cover

Paperback - 194 pages (June 1992)
Usually ships within 24 hours.

Review synopsis:
Today log homes enjoy a new wave of popularity, and this book picks up on this trend. First published in hardcover 1986, it has sold more than 50,000 copies. Now in an affordable paperback edition with updated lists of designers and builders, it is a valuable resource for anyone interested in owning a log home. 214 photographs and 24 houseplans.
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Log Homes Made Easy: Contracting and Building Your Own Log Home

By Jim Cooper
Log Homes Made Easy coverList Price: $11.53

Paperback - 256 pages (April 1993)
Usually ships within 24 hours.

Editorial Review: The author, Jim Cooper , March 4, 1997
A log home book for the rest of us. Most books on building log homes start with how to cut down a tree. They also talk about how inexpensive log homes are. My book does neither. I wrote Log Homes Made Easy to answer the questions of people who are looking for a modern log home. People who don't need to know how to sharpen a chainsaw or cut a notch, but, how to compare the "kits" offered by various manufacturers, how to find subcontractors, prepare a budget and get financing. In Log Homes Made Easy, I follow the entire process, step-by-step, beginning with evaluating land through designing, budgeting, financing and building. The text is supported by a number of forms that I developed for use when I was general contracting log homes. I intended for Log Homes Made Easy to be a handbook to get people through the complex and sometimes confusing process of building a modern log home.

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Complete Guide to Building Log Homes

By Monte Burch, Richard J. Meyer, Lloyd P. Birmingham
Complete Guide to Building Log Homes coverList Price: $19.95
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Paperback - 406 pages (November 1990)
Usually ships within 24 hours.

Review synopsis:
This how-to guide covers the entire log home building process, from land planning through the time you enjoy the warmth of your new fireplace.
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By Carl Heldmann
How to Afford Your Own Log Home coverList Price: $15.95

Paperback - 144 pages 4th edition (November 1997)
Usually ships within 24 hours

Review synopsis:
The book offers suggested contracts for construction, price and fee contracts, a materials description sheet, certificate of insurance, etc. It is very thorough in what the log home builder will need to do it themselves.
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